A Favor That Will Bring You To Places Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Is Lord! He Is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Amarylis: We need only Favor from the Lord to get breakthrough. One drop of Favor from the Lord will change everything.


I was reading to the testimony of Apostle John Eckhardt and my life and him might be quite different but one thing that is the same that is the Favor of God. He got Favor from God. 
He lived when he was young in a small area of Chicago where there is always danger for so many years in his life. He never been out in that little area and never rode an airplanes. He went to private school in primary because his mother who was single Sicilian wanted him to have good education.She is very religious and who loves the pope. His mother used admired so much the pope and John Eckhardt would comment ” he is just the same as me.” And her mother would reprimanded him.  He was given a full scholarship in that school, then he went to university , he got also a scholarship from wealthy person. This person invited him in his mansion house. This man who used to live in little street of Chicago who had never rode an airplane and who really stuck in small place now is a jet setter who goes to 70 countries around the world.according to him, he never had any dime in his life but it was the Favor of the Lord that gave him eduction and travelled around the world. 

We need only a Favor from the Lord to reach destination that we never been before. How to get Favor is to seek him whole heartedly. The more we seek him the more he shows up. His presence is more than enought to turn things around to our advantage. Anybody who make an effort to stay with the Lord never been broke and never go hungry. Anybody who calls to the Lord will always get away from the wrath of the enemies. Anybody body who pray for a person who is homeless sooner that person will have place to stay. The Lord has sharp ears to hear our cry. Favor goes to those who seek the Lord.

Curse Food Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ of Nazareth Is Lord! He Is Lord Of All lords. King of kings.

Amarylis: food given to us are blessings. But we don’t know the intention of the person, behind the scenes what is being put in that food. Many people suffered from trusting in eating the food without knowing there is something in the food, a curse.


What Ever I have eaten at the table of my enemy I command it out in the Name of Jesus!
Few years ago, my neighbour keep feeding me with her food ( with potion). Then her food becomes like muddy and like a clay. She like to cook beef soup because I like it. I was running around doing some errand for her. I believe the more she like it and she became addicted to putting potion in the food that she was careless to measure that I started to threw her food in the bin. Then it became so obvious of her bad intention towards me. Jealousy had gripped her. I moved away from her, I cut my relationship with her as a neighbour, she went to witchcrafts and hired many times. Even her health was affected, her finances were affected she was unrepentant. This person was just the same with my nationality.. Through spiritual warfare I engage, I vomit everything she feed me and I saw what I vomit. A lesson that I will not eat easily what people give me, I will discern first or just throw it in the bin.

My God Who Is A Mighty Warrior Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Is Lord! He Lord of lords. He Is King of kings.

Amarylis: you will only know who our God when you go to trials and tribulations and you engage in spiritual battle. When you have intimate relationship with him, walk and talk together and you fight your battle with Heavens backing you up, you will witness the Power and Might of our God. He Is Mighty God and can’t be shaken. He is a huge God. Satan is a fool to go against God. He is not wisdom but a fool. So if we don’t have God, we are a fool too just like satan. A fool that is costly to our salvation.



Before God sent me out to the street, he equip me. He didn’t sent me out without an armour and shields. God is always quick to help me. I witness His protection Favors, and provision. I witness what is like to be an invincible to the enemy, I witness His Word is above all. He is real. I witness the power of his Name of Jesus . We have a God who talk and not just a name of God. He is a God of action. He is a Mighty Warrior who goes ahead before me. Who knows what I want before I open my mouth. Heavens bow before him. Saints, Angelic Host, Four beast and His creations and even demons bow to the Lord of Host. He is a God to be feared. Fear means reverence and honor.

As I write this it is revealed to me Satan the devil the Dragon the Baal doesn’t bow down to the Lord because He got a necklace of pride.

Saved But Miss The Blessings Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Is Lord! He Is Lord Of lords . Kings Of kings.

Amarylis: a lot were saved but miss the Blessings and Favors from the Lord due to ignorance and pride. Pride is the necklace of Satan.


Today, I met a young man from Papua New Guinea. I asked him if he will give his life to Lord Jesus. He was so eager and very willing. He immediately confess the sinners prayer. I asked him where he knew the Lord Jesus. He answered that he heard from his mother. So I told him that he came from christian family. He didn’t answered me and shaken his head. That was a surprised to me. I told him that I will pray for blessings. He told me that he didn’t want blessings. I added in telling him that blessings means to increase in wealth and riches. He answered that he didn’t want it. I stopped and looked at him. I heard the Lord Jesus ” he is save but he got no blessings from me. He can go straight to heaven but he can’t have blessings because he rejected me. I am the blessings.” I heard from Dr. Creflo Dollar very long time ago, many went to heaven without experiencing the blessings from God. Many Christians are believers but never experience what is real abundance, wholeness and ️️prosperity and they are saved. That was a great revelation to me. The Lord told me, to move farther away from him.” So I moved a bit distance. Then it was revealed to me in my spirit that his family were christian but became backslider and practicing witchcraft. That son had witness witchcrafts happening in his home that was why he can’t say that his family were christian.

I Keep Digging The Treasures And It Tickle The Source Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Is Lord! He Is Lord Of All Lords, King Of Kings.

Amarylis: The Lord Jesus Christ Of Nazareth is a Holy Name. The are plenty Jesus name in this world, people named their children Jesus . But there is only one Name the Jesus Chrisr of Nazareth  He is The Lord.


In searching the Lord we have to start from scratch and start digging. Until now even I found so many treasures from digging, even heaven come down to me , I still keep digging and digging. I never allowed tiredness to stop me, I kick out the slothfulness and the sleepiness. I want more of Lord Jesus.

The more I dig, the more I found more treasures. There is no stopping because there is so much treasure to be dig and knowing the source of the treasure is so huge, that means there is no end of supplies of that treasures underground.

What I found and revealed to me, the more I search and dig with my shovel, the more the Lord put more treasures in front of me, the more he reveal more things for me that are not the same what I got. So much favors flowing underneath the river beads. The more it tickle the heart of the source as I scratch and dig. The more he is please with me, the more he shows up, more visitations, more glory and more manifestations. It’s an adventure that end up to a relationship between the digger and the source.

The Lord Jesus Healed My Drooping Eyes Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Is Lord. He Is Lord of Lords. King of Kings.

Amarylis : Lord Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Is God. Read Revelation in The Bible. He Is the Word. The Word is the Spirit Sword.


 May the Lord SHOCK me this week with the grace and kindness I have never experienced before.

This was in the post, I copied it and confess it. 

During graduation of my daughter, I noticed when I looked to the picture in the iPhone taken by the Japanese man, something wrong to my eyes, it dropped so heavily. It was like desperate of a need of eyeglass. I could see well but something wrong to my eye lids, seemed to close. If it was not the Holy Spirit’s voice, I don’t know how would I react. But the Holy Spirit comforted me not to worry. Well I tried to not cares but I couldn’t help to think something wasn’t right. Then I heard ” because you don’t put properly your eyeglass when you read, you put it at the tip of your nose. So your eyes and eyelids got the habit of looking down to what you are reading.” Then I heard ” it’s the infirmity! It’s infirmity! You got it from people whom you pray.” This time I closed my mouth and I learned never to blame the Father in Heaven. I had a history of blaming the Father in Heaven, and I don’t want to go to that anymore. He is a good God and whatever is this, I have to trust him.
Last night, the Father In Heaven visited me. He told me to stand up because He will heal my eyes. He told me to raise up my two hands. He instructed me to open my eyes wide. I could hear the stretching of my veins in the eyes. I felt a slight stinging on my eyes too. Right eye then left eye. Then He asked me to close my eyes then open it. I was abled to see clearly around and I felt freed from my eyelids that seemed to droop.
I was in the library, I heard the Holy Ghost as He introduced himself said ” Ione , open your eyes wide, look to the green plants( there were green plants beside the glass wall) , I will do some finishing touch in your eyes. The green plants has a calming effect in the eyes. Then he told me to close and open it. Same thing, I looked around me so clear and and very much comfortable feeling around the side of my eyes.

The Holy Ghost said ” see the green flowers, the Father in Heaven created that. He is the creator. He created you, therefore if something goes wrong with you, He knows how to fix you because He made you. So don’t be afraid or discourage to pray to people. The Father in Heaven is quick to fix you. I still used my eye glass when I read but I don’t put anymore at the tip of my nose and there is no more drooping of my eyelids and discomfort around my eyes and blurry around me.

You Didn’t Choose Me Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Is Lord! He Is Lord Of Lords. king Of Kings.

Amarylis: The source of joy is Lord God. Lord Jesus Is God.



“You didn’t choose Me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using My Name. “Amen.


We didn’t chose him. He chose us first. Because He love us. Now we responded to his love because we found out that we can’t live without him. We need Him to face the World and to live victoriously. We can’t be a victor in this world without him. The world is so dark. To live peace we must have Lord Jesus because He is the Prince of Peace. Ask people who got No Lord Jesus, if they can tell you without pretence, they got no peace, no joy. Their so called peace and joy is shallow and sham. There is emptiness and black hole with out Lord Jesus. Only the Lord’s Spirit who is the Holy Ghost can fill the emptiness. He is the comforter, He is the living water. With the continuous flow of living water, there is life, there is spirit, there is fruitfulness, there is peace and abundance, there is overcomer and victory over death, there healing over sickness  there is wealth and riches over poverty, there is freedom over captivity or oppression. We need The Lord Jesus to advance in this scary, competitive world where satan the devil is the prince of the air where he rule two heavens and land(earth). Satan exist whether you like it or not. He wants people not to know that he exist so that he can own and devour them. The question is do you want to be eaten and swallowed by satan himself, do you want him to make you slave and captive. You saw that in the movies people who are captive and yet so many captives here in this world and I was one of them long time ago. I say this with boldness that be free from captivity. The is hope and freedom in God’s way. There is freedom In the Lord Jesus. I taste his Love and I want more of him, more and more.