The Price Of Hearing The Voice Of The Lord Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of lords and King of kings.
Amarylis: every believers love to hear the voice of the Lord but most of them doesn’t know that there is equivalent of hearing the voice of the Lord. That is obedience to the task He will give you. An assignment to do the job for the glory of the Lord.


This is what I found out, when you hear the Lord it means you got an assignment. He will give you a job and you have to step in it or you don’t move to another level. What I mean you stuck. I saw that to others, their life was no good and I don’t want to be in that place. I have enough of that already long time ago. I obey theLord no matter how it look stupid. Because most of the time how we look in the physical appearance when He give instruction, it doesn’t make sense. But when we obey that instruction and at the end of that assignment, it make sense after all. It’s just we human we can’t see. To hear the voice of the Lord is not free, this is my own thought. It’s is expensive because the task is not easy according to our flesh but the reward is huge. We are talking here about power. Just now, I look to His favourite photo by artist Akiane. His temple appeared like human flesh. The veins deepen in appearance. His left eyebrow move. I said ” can you do it again.” ” Do it again and again.” He said afterwards ” go now eat your food!” Well that was just to entertain me.

The Secret In Receiving You Desires Receive Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of lords and King of kings.

Amarylis: it is wise to observe people and we learn something from them.



One day, I asked my youngest daughter what is her secret. This child is so blessed. It seemed she attract all the things she like. It just come to her.

She answered,” I just say, and I believe I Will receive and I shall have them.”

Darkness Can’t Stand The Light Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of lords and King of kings.
Amarylis: dark and light could never mix, one has to go. Who ever dominate win, the loser has to go.



One shopping center that God assigned me to that place to bring people to Him. This shopping center is a bit different from the other, so cool and with a touch of class. There was one clairvoyant shop that survived for so many economic depression. One economic depression to another, then another then another. While other shops packed up for closure while this shop kept standing. I am talking here for so many many years. My estimate is 15 years. But when I moved around that shopping center praying and bring souls to Lord, it collapsed. His store didn’t survived with the moving of the Holy Spirit. He packed up and the store right now was covered with panels and locked up. I asked the Lord what happened. The Lord said ,” As the Holy Spirit lead you to these people, the store couldn’t stand.” It means darkness can’t stand in the light. The shopping center was so lighted with the power of the Holy Spirit and it surely benefit the shopping center for it brought them increase in gain. While the others shopping center, the administrations was trying to survive.

The Voices In Our Mind Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ of Nazareth Is Lord! He is Lord of Lords and King of kings.

Amarylis: Our mind got so many voices, like traffics in the road. Before we know God’s way, we just let thoughts negative and positive run over our mind, who ever dominate our mind got our attention. But not anymore when we apply God’s way. In God’s way, we get rid thoughts that are destructive. We choose thoughts that align The Word of God. In the World think positive but in God’s way, think the Word of God because it is the will of God, it’s wisdom and it got life and is spirit.



I was lying down in the lounge, then my thought said ” where is the guitar of X ( my daughter). Then another thought answered,” she carried it with her to the capital city.” As I heard that voice, a picture was put in the screen of my mind. The black case containing the guitar was hanging on the wall. That alerted me. My first thought that first voice was from the Holy Spirit but it wasn’t. It was from another spirit. The Holy Spirit said ,” see now, there are so many voices, you got to filter it which one . You heard the voice but at the same time you saw in your spirit the guitar hanging on the wall in your place.” You got to choose which one is correct. So I decided to test my mind. I asked using my thought ” where is the guitar of X .” Then I heard a thought answered ,” she carried it with her to the city.” The voice was calm, soft and small. Very decieving because it was like the Holy Spirit voice but it wasn’t. I kept repeating and then same answer I got. The truth, the guitar was hanging in the  room.

Most of the time, the Holy Spirit will correct or alert me who was talking to me. There are time, He will just be silent and let me learned a lesson. It’s been two years I was learning to listen to the right voice of the Holy Spirit and it was not easy.

I learned when I asked the Holy Spirit something and  it impressed in my spirit a deep silence and accompanied by a pulling in my heart. I learned to stop it and not continue and get out. It took me time to learned that because I was so persistent to get the answer fast. 

Long time ago, I used to ask the Lord,” How can I hear you clearly?” Because there were times, the voice was little and so hard to hear. The Lord answered ” Run to the Word!”

The Unseen Realm Is Powerful Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Is Lord! He is Lord of lords and King of Kings.
Amarylis: The solution to our problem is in the unseen. Because the root of the problem is located in the unseen that is the spiritual realm.


The Unseen Realm Is Powerful Written By Ione Kinzel
Many people doesn’t know that the secret of power and abundance is in the unseen realm. What I am writing here is from my experience and I am going to share it to you.
Since I got the Word of God, it took me very long time to find out the reality that to get everything from God we must tap into the unseen. I have been in the Word for so many years. I confess and obey because that is what I learned from all the sermons. I believe it and so I confess and do what is in the Word. Gee it works. I go through the motion. Just keep doing it confessing with out knowing that I was doing the unseen. To make it short, I was receiving so many things from God because I went to the unseen. I focus the unseen realm not the physical realm. The physical realm is not secured, if we focus the seen we worry, we become insecured to the things around us. Others are successful as we see in our eyes and we feel inadequate. 
How do we tap in the unseen things by confessing and meditating the Word of God. By listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit all the time. By obeying what the Holy Spirit is telling us even a lot of times it didn’t make sense at all but at the end we found out He is right after all. Day and night fix our eyes and ears to His Word. The Word is The Lord Jesus. The Verses in the Bible is the Lord Jesus. He is God. That is why the Word is Spirit and Life. It got power in it. It’s life. Once we take it in our mouth, it gives life to our spirit, it quickens every cells in our body and so provisions. Since I tap in the Word of God , that is the unseen real, because I can’t see it, I just believe it that It works that is all it required. Well to tell you, all the time never been in lack always in good health. If there is an attack in my body , I overcome it. 
The Word of God, all these verses in the Bible, we we speak with our mouth and believe it, it moves without us seeing it. But it moves, brings things in the unseen into reality.
When one source of my income was removed , I was left to the lowest money. That money couldn’t support me at all. But because I tap in to the unseen, supernaturally all is well. All bills are all paid in advance from the due date, savings never stop. There is always extra. Well I wasn’t in the New Testament about the loaves and fishes that feeds that five thousands of people but I will tell you it’s true. It’s proven by me that whatever little we got if we tap in to the God’s way of doing things, there is no lack. No sickness and disease. No oppressions from the enemies. We becomes victorious. Whatever the enemies throw at us , we can send it back to the sender a hundred force to inflict the enemies. 
When I say focus means real strict focus without distractions. Any distractions get rid otherwise we miss out. Focus to the Word( Lord Jesus).

Only Believe ( Two Anorexics Got Healed) Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ of Nazareth is Lord! He is Lord of lords and King of kings.

Amarylis: only believe sound so simple and easy but not really. In the Kingdom of God, the principle is about Faith or believe the unseen. We human tend to reason out , looking to the seen realm. That is why most of us we miss the miracles, healing , signs and wonders.


These bears believe that by standing at the edge of this water fall and open their mouth , they get their salmon.

Only Believe Written Ione Kinzel
There was a church that I had been too, I was there for at least five years. I used to sit , just sit and listened to the Pastor’s sermon. That church was to set the captive free. It was a little church, they called it a family church. 
There were two very anorexic women and one tormented elderly woman who was a Prophet had been in that church for so many years but still not been delivered. They kept going to the front all the time for prayers.
But then one day, I heard the little voice of the Holy Spirit. He said tell the elderly woman that God answered her and she is healed. So I rang her best friend in the church who was a Prophet and told her to relay the message to her friend. This woman when I told her got upset.( it seemed she acted of unbelief and thought who are you to tell that she was healed when you got no power.) The following week, I met that Prophet elderly woman seemed not excited and unbelief. She wasn’t delivered. 
After month, I heard the little voice of the Holy Spirit. He said tell this younger woman who was anorexic that she was already delivered this morning. That Wednesday night there was a church service. That young woman who was so boney came. I sat beside her and told her. She listened to me and I told her, a leader in the church , who was also a Pastor tried to stop me from talking to this woman. I looked at him and he shook his head, means stopped it. But I refused to obey him because I wanted to obey the Holy Spirit. That was my mission for this woman. I refused to be intimidated. The young woman believe with out a doubt. After just a few days, this woman had changed her outlook. Then just one week, I met her at the shop so excited of her deliverance, I saw her gained her weight so fast and she showed me her new clothes. I was glad I obeyed the little voice to tell her, even that leader tried to stop me. She was fully healed and no more anorexic and just a few months she got a boyfriend.
After two years, the second anorexic very spiritual woman and was a leader also, came to the toilet in the church where I was busy cleaning. She reprimanded me that I got a loud voice and she heard it upstairs but then she asked me to pray for her and cried. I understand her situation because she was a very wellknown leader in that church , a prayer Intercessor, she got a high position in that church. It must be a huge sacrificed for her part to come to me just to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit to approach for a prayer for her deliverance. I had compassion for her , that was humbling herself. I told her since I was not an eloquent in prayer. I said to her, “I will just listened to the Holy Spirit and relayed it to you.” I laid my hand on her head and spoke what I heard from the little voice. When she heard that her body was the glory of God, that was her deliverance. She was so amazed God can look her body as glory. You see this woman had spent so much money kept going to the rehabilitation just to gain weight. And every time she lost it again, she would forked out money to go back again to replenish the weight that had been lost. I saw her next time, what a change. No more sadness, no more captivity. She was free.
What I learned from this experience, God uses ordinary people to relay to you a message of your deliverance. If you received a message from just ordinary person who is not known to have any position in the church, just believe that it comes from Heaven. If this two women didn’t believe me, they would surely miss in their deliverance. The Elderly Prophet woman missed her deliverance from torment but the second time the Holy Spirit conducted an incident that I ended up facing her, knowing her of her unbelief towards me , instead of praying for her I just said ” I command your anointing to stir up and activate right now in Jesus Name.” I didn’t moved away. My feet was stuck in the ground. She turned around and told her best friend Prophet and said ” She is the One!” I learned that she was delivered from her migraine. The Holy Spirit is looking for ordinary people to show His power. Only Believe.

Supernatural Communication Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Amarylis: In the spiritual realm, there is supernatural communications. It is for believers but of course spiritual force evil in the heavenly realms they too have their supernatural communications. When you are in the spirit, using your inner man. You will know the power in the otherside of the realm that you can’t see. It is so powerful between good and evil. It’s a fight that what you communicate can’t be stolen by the enemy. Just like in the physical realm. But spiritual realm is more powerful than physical realm because if you are defeated in the spiritual realm then you are already kaput in the physical realm. 


God is our Creator. He created the universe and beyond that. He created Angels and Mankind. So He knows everything. He is omnipotence. 

In this world, we are surrounded with evil. He is in the air. He got all the followers to track, to scan and to observe all these believers of Christ and to report to their head what all these believers up to.

But God is always ahead, He gives his followers the gifts of the Spirit that is speaking tongues to protect our communications between Him and His followers. Speaking Tongues spoken are mysteries that no human and Angels can understand. Devils and evils spirits can’t understand. Only God and the Holy Spirit can understand what has been release from the mouth of the person. In fact it is the Holy Spirt cause the inner man to speak. The Holy Spirit is always communicate with our inner man. So He knows what is deep inside in us. So when we pray in speaking tongues, it goes straight to the Father in Heaven. No obstacles, no hindrance and barriers to the flow of communications. The unwanted listeners can’t understand a thing so there is nothing to report to their leaders.

Speaking Tongues is power. It is the signs that a person has the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Speaking Tongues exalt and magnify the Father In Heaven. It makes Him bigger to us. We at the same time are build up. It build our inner man. It speed our growth in the spiritual realm. Evils spirits and demons trembled when a person speak Tongues. They can’t stand listening speaking tongues. It irritate them. They get confuse. They run away. They know you got Christ.

I have a neighbour who do witchcrafts. When she heard me speaking tongues, she wasn’t happy. Never knew why until later when I came to know she is fun of witchcrafts. She got huge witches connections. She became my enemy. She used every angle of her given knowledge in witchcrafts but I tell you, she never succeed. It was a long fight. Now she is totally defeated. It was speaking tongues that helped me. To throw out the intruders in my dwelling I speak tongues. 

There are times that when Heaven communicate with me, I can’t hear properly. It’s because of the barriers that evil try to cut off communication lines but the Holy Spirit will tell me to speak tongues to remove the barriers. Then I will hear the other lines speaking to me.

When I pray, I don’t speak in our language, I speak tongues to outwit the unwanted listeners. The Holy Spirit will guide me what to pray. It’s a Supernatural Communications.