Princess Diana and Heaven Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis: I learned what heaven like from those testimonies who visited heaven in their spirit and others who died and went back to earth to tell the world what is heaven. Kat Keer tell so many stories about heaven through her visitation in heaven.



Heaven is a place where there is no sorrow, no more tears, no more disappointments and betrayals. It’s God’s Kingdom. The Princes of Wales said to me in my spirit( with the listening ears of the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit) that the Lord Jesus is so good to her. She rather be in heaven because she found joy there. The joy that is different to explain. Praising and glorifying the Lord there in Heaven is a non stop. Learning also continued in Heaven, it does not stop when the person died in earth. This learning is about the Kingdom of God. She said further what’s the use having so much wealth when the soul is lost. This is what Princes Diana told me in my spirit. The Holy Spirit told me Princess Diana like Roses.

Princes Of Wales Revealed Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis: this is for closure to move on for peace. You can’t move on without closure.



Princes Of Wales Revealed Written By Ione Kinzel
I was eating my lunch, eating banana chips and suddenly and image of Princess Diana came to my mind. The Holy Spirit stopped me eating and asked me to me to go to my bedroom. Because I was still training to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit , I always ask ” is that you Holy Spirit?” The Father in heaven answered ” I am the God of Abraham, the Holy one of Israel. Come hurry to the bedroom. Princes Diana wants to talk to you.” With the help of the Holy Spirit I was abled to hear her .

She said to me. “I am the Princes Diana. Ione you are eating banana chips. I don’t like banana chips and I don’t eat it.”
Well , while she was telling me about Prince Charles, I remember months ago, she told me to write it but I forgot and here she told me again. Before she ended talking to me, she told me to write it. I believe , this is just myself, this is about redeeming herself. This is about forgiveness and reconciling. You see, she is very happy in Heaven.

According to her, what wealth and materials things could do when ones soul is lost. She is very grateful kind of a person knowing her in my spirit. You see, with the surveillance of the Father in heaven and the Holy Spirit, I heard her talking in my spirit. I was only to listen but not to talk.
She said, ” Julie( Brad Pitt) promotes the developing countries, but I promote goodness and charity. You Ione promote the Lord Jesus. You advertise to the whole world the goodness of the Lord Jesus.”

I got to hurry typing this because I still have to eat and work . Well this is what she told me before and now. ” Prince Charles was so good to me Ione. He is good to the children. Camilla is good to Charles and to my children. She is close to my children. In fact, he gave me so much wealth in settlement. I was so immature during that time Ione. I acted in haste.” ( For me, this is to tell the world that there is no more animosity, no more anger, or hatred, towards to the people who are still living right now. This is for peace. Peace for the Princes of Wales who is in heaven and For Prince Charles who is still alive. He is a good man, a very good man Princes Diana kept saying that in my spirit and so too Camilla. So I believe this is for closure.”

This is to tell the whole world that Prince Charles is a good person. So too Camilla. The Prince of Wales although she is in Heaven right now agreed that Prince Charles and Camilla are good people. The Princes is happy for them.

This is to tell you that when the person goes to heaven, they are called Saints but they are not dead. But alive , the thing that runs to their veins that make them alive is the glory of the Lord. It is the Lord Jesus who will give us eternal life when we make as Lord, when we confess our sins to him and have a relationship with him.

Grudges Brings Unanswered Prayers Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis: Hatred, Grudges, Envy, Jealousy, Gossiping, Vindictive etc are blockers of the blessings. They are the reasons of unanswered prayers.



Holding a grudge will stop the person from the things of God. The Holy Spirit will get out from the person. This person can’t hear God anymore. Because his heart harden. He become insensitive to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit heart becomes dead therefore can’t hear God anymore. The spirit heart is no longer free but in bondage. ┬áIt stop everything until the person clean up the heart. Forgiveness means no more grudging, giving all to God , submitting to God, releasing to God, make spirit heart pure and healthy again.

The Power Of The Mind Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis: it is in the Bible that we cast out all imaginations that exalt against the Word of God. If it is not from God, then we get rid. If any thought that pull us down and make us sad or angry or depress then we get rid and replace with good thought or put beautiful picture in our mind.



The Mind is powerful. It can destroy a person. Many people end up in psychiatrist  because they lost control of their mind. They let their mind run everywhere. Others they end up in the mental ward, their mind destroy their sanity.

I saw the movie of Leo Tolstoy. It was a story about Russian Aristocrats. The Heroine threw herself infront of the train because she submitted herself or agreed to what her mind told her. Her thoughts were all negatives and came from imaginations that were not true. It was just her mind’s creations. It produced the  thoughts of rejections. It brought her destructions and death.

Whatever we put in our mind, our body response and the things around us. If we think sickness, then the body started to act what the mind think, if we think happy, then our body response, our heart response then we feel joy. It’s important to keep changing our thoughts. We command and control our thoughts by choosing good thoughts only. Anything that is no good, we eject, get rid by changing our the thoughts. We got 6 seconds to change it before it becomes a stronghold. When it is stronghold, that’s hard to get rid, so we run to the Bible and read it a loud , in Psalms or healing Words over and over . Until it’s gone.

How To Please The Lord God Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis: The Lord God is all we need. We need His constant presence. His presence means all bills paid and good health and long life. It means also enemies defeated.



How To Please God Written By Ione Kinzel

I would like to share how to please God. Pleasing God means so much. It means you got him. It means you attract him. It means he favours you. It means you are surrounded with his presence. It means you got visitations from him, it means the glory of God’s manifestations.

The Psalms 1:1-3 says how to please God.
1. How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the path of sinners, nor sit in the seat of scoffers!
2. But his delight is in the law of the Lord. And in His law he meditates day and night.
3. He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields it’s fruits in its season and its leaf does not wither and in whatever he does, he prospers.

That sums up everything. I testify this to you that what it says in this Psalms is 100 percent guarantee true because that is what I follow everyday in my life with discipline that’s the reason Me and my children live supernaturally. A lot of times I miss out but I am quick to correct myself because I don’t want to miss out what I tasted already being with the presence of the Lord. Heaven comes down and meet me at my level. When I speak of heavens means the involvement of Heaven in my life( Trinity God, Angelic Realms). And when there is the involvement of Heaven in my life, it means whatever the odds that comes me and my children’s way, we overcome. The Lord God has a solutions already available before the problems shows up.

The Lord is please when we don’t seek advice from ungodly people. He is please when we open the Bible and read because the Bible is the Lord God himself talking to us. He is please when we are thankful and grateful all the times. He is please when we obey Him. When we renew our mind. We become sensitive to him. The more He will pours some more to us. It pleases Him when we takes care what He gives to us and shares to others. It pleases Him when we spent so much time with Him. How is that ? Aside from reading the Bible and meditating His Word, when we think of him all the time, anywhere and at anytime. I just put it this way, when we make The Lord God dominant in our thinking and in our spirit heart.

How Miracles Comes To Scenes Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis: You shall meditate the Word of God and you shall prosper. Secret: when you read one sentence , repeat it again and again as if you are chewing the food.



How Miracles Comes In The Scenes Written By Ione Kinzel

I would like to share this with the Holy Spirit’s presence in writing this short article. It’s a short because it’s just simple but this simple kind of a clue is hard to apply in real life.

First let us know first Christ. Christ is the anointing. To produce miracles and signs and wonders there must be an anointing. When there is an anointing then there is the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Many call the name ” In the name of JESUS!” But nothing happened. There is no results. One must have an overflow of Word of God in the heart of the person. The Word of God must dominate in the heart of the person. Why? Because without the overflow of Word, Christ can’t come in the scenes. The spirit heart must be dominated by the Word of God. God is a spirit. The Word of God is a spirit. Therefore to cause Christ to come to the scenes , the word of God must dwell in the heart of the person. When the word of God dwells in the heart of a person then God is present there, dwelling in that heart. So when the person said ” in the name of Jesus!” The Holy Spirit will suggest the Word to come out to the Scenes.

The amount of the Words we put in our heart must equal to Christ to come to the scenes. It means it must dominate the spirit heart.

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. We hear the word of God through our ear but our heart must hear also. How our heart can hear the Word of God. The answer, there must be an openness and hunger in our heart for the Word of God. We must treat the Word of God as if we depend our life on it by knowing the Word.

No Distraction But Focus Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis: to choose the right preachers who preach the word of God in Uncompromise and listen to them and apply what we learned in the real world. That is another clue to success. To read the Bible and apply what we learned is the greatest clue to success.



“When Wigglesworth opened the door, I said, ‘Here I am, Brother Wigglesworth.’ He did not respond, just glared at me, and said, ‘Hoots under your’m?’ That meant, in his British accent, ‘What is under your arm?’ I said, ‘I have an umbrella under this one and the morning paper under this one.’ He said, ‘Throw it away. you can’t come in here with it. I don’t permit those lies into my house. Hitler and Mussolini will soon be in hell where they belong. In my house, there’s only truth, and that paper’s full of lies — so leave it outside.’ Hastily thrusting the paper into the bushes beside the door, I said, ‘Yes, sir; yes, sir; yes, sir!'” – Dr. Lester Sumrall on Smith Wigglesworth

In my home, we don’t look to TV news, and even magazines I don’t have that in my home anymore. It’s because it’s about problems of this world and gossips and it is no good for my soul. My sister and I used to talk over the phone about what we saw in the news and what we heard from others gossips and it wasted our time and not only that it contaminated our mind. It corrupted our spirit heart and that was why I believe it delayed us from hearing the little voice of the Holy Spirit. When I avoided the things that can hinder me from walking with the Lord, my spiritual journey was so fast and rich. The level God promoted me was fast because my thoughts and mind was so focus about him.

I am grateful to the Preachers who shares their testimonies because that is where I learned and practice. I was and is copy cat to successful preachers. I tell you , it increases and prospers me supernaturally. My God it works. It is by believing and doing it . That’s the secret.