The Lord Jesus Is Faithful And True Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Is Lord. He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis : I encourage you to pursue intimacy with the Lord Jesus. He is the answer to all our problems.



The Heavenly Father is so faithful. The Lord Jesus is so faithful. The Holy Spirit is so faithful.

Since I was listening the whisper voice of the HolyTrinity God, I came to know my God. He is faithful and true. True security comes from him and there is no other God like Him.
I came to know Jesus, the more I know him, the more I know my God and the Holy Spirit.
The more I know the Word( Bible), the more I know Jesus. The more I know Jesus, the more I know the power of The Holy Spirit. The more I know the power of the Holy Spirit, the more I know the power of God.
The Lord Jesus has shown his love to me and his faithfulness. It is in the intimacy with him that I came to know his true nature. Very generous. Over the top generous. He is not a person who give one gift today, one gift for one week. In one day, aside from healing because he always heals me any complaint of my body, he knows ahead the complaint in my body before I voice it out to him. Even just teeny tiny pain, he knows it already and healing comes. He gives me gifts two or more a day. I have journal to what he gives me and it was fully filled up. A lot of times I didn’t write because it was too much to put in my notes. He is very very very generous. I could never say these things without experiencing from him.
Who ever my enemies, he will not give favours and blessings to them. How do I know that? Because He will tell me. The Holy Spirit refused to talk to them and be with them. 
When my two teachers did something wrong towards me, the Holy Spirit departed from them and refused to be with them. It is loyalty and faithfulness to me because of an intimate relationship. They lost their power. Power comes from Lord. The Holy Spirit is power.
To have the Lord Jesus as our First Love is more than sufficient. He is the true security. The devil who is satan doesn’t want you to know the Lord Jesus intimately. He will fight for it and bring you so much distractions in your daily walk with him. Because through intimacy you will know him really who he is. The moment you taste The Lord Jesus, you don’t want to lost him. You want him more and more because you can’t find anyone like him. The Lord Jesus is perfect and he understand us because he is fully human. Even in heaven , he is fully God and fully human. The difference is that his body is the Glory. No blood runs to his body but the glory.

Spiritual Fight and It’s Strategies Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Is Lord!

Amarylis : Pursue the intimacy of the Lord Jesus and you got it all.



During spiritual battles, it is just like the battle in the field where soldiers fight. The difference is that the spiritual battle is done by the sword of God, it is done in the unseen realm but it is truly very real. The Lord provide strategies how to do it. All I have to do is to listen to the instructions. It was so supernatural battle where you can feel the heat , the tension, the power of the Lord versus the dark forces of the enemies. It was so evil but the Lord is ahead of the battle. Before I start, the enemy is already defeated that is by faith, that faith that I hold in my heart that is my victory. The Lord knows every part of my body that has been hit, and he will provide remedy. He knows where my pain and he will heal. The Holy Spirit provides me all the informations, the coming of the enemies, the arrival, where it’s locations. What to do, what to pray. When to stop and rest and when to start again to fight. The Holy Spirit is mindful of energy conservation.

Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit is a huge advantage. It is the supernatural breakthrough. Comparing my previous spiritual warfare without the voice of the Holy Spirit. At that time, I only depended in the power of the Word of God. It was my trust in the Word of God that brought me to victories to many battle of witchcrafts, occult, divinations, bewitchments, incantations and sorcery.

The Lord Jesus is a great strategies. The Holy Spirit delivers the instructions. With the backing of the Triune Head ( Heavenly Father, The Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit) is so awesome. 

Spiritual warfare is not an easy job. It is very tiring and draining of energy. It is not in the comfort zone. Mental alertness is very important because this is real devil( satan).

A few months ago, Satan himself had threatened me( I will not discribe in what I saw in my spirit. That was so real in my spirit. He used a woman. But the peace of God prevails because of my intimate relationship with him. One night I fought satan in my spirit. The Holy Spirit was my coach what to do. He went away defeated. The Lord Jesus is powerful. His Word is so powerful. It drives away the enemy. To me, the Word of God is Victory. The Word is Jesus.

I Believe In Tithing and I believe In Offering Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord. He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis : test tithing and offering. Try it. You will not know if you don’t try it. Tithing is an agreement between you and God. An agreement that he will protect your ground and all that you have. Tithing is covered by the blood of Jesus . To me that is solid security and insurance.



Long time ago, I was not a tither nor a giver to God’s Kingdom. I used to give $ 5, 10 and the highest is $15. Giving $ 35 Dolllars was too big for me that time. I was proud already to give $ 35 and my neck while sitting in the pew would stretched out looking to others. That was the past.

When I search and search the Lord, I heard so much testimonies other believers gave so much money to the kingdom and God prospers them.

So I started tithing and decided I would sticked to it no matter what. I didnt care if the bills were not paid as long as God first. The reason why because I got a history of starting tithing then stopped when there were bills to be paid. I was thinking that God helped me during witchcraft fight and was there when I didn’t knew how to fight spiritual warfare. My motive was just being grateful and not thinking anymore what he could give me. Since that there was no stopping in sowing to his kingdom in tithing and in offerings. As I look back, he always provide. There were times I worried because I do him first before bills and the money just just enough or not big. But then  He always paid my bills ahead of the due date. There were few times that were on time. There was one time, not God’s fault but mine, that I had to withdraw money from my savings to pay the bills but God asked me to put the money back to the savings because the money arrived.

For years of investing the Kingdom of God, he never failed me. I looked to my friends who work very hard, one  got two jobs but they owe a lot of money in the banks and finance. God taught me how to budget money and saving money. I am grateful to him. I don’t know what would happened if God didn’t intervened in my behalf. He told me he was there all the time helping me but I didn’t know him. So although he provided me even I didn’t know him but I was in the dark , looking to the world very dark. Worried all the time and feeling left out when I look to others that they are doing well. 

The Lord Jesus came to me and I found out that He is the answers to all my problem. Jesus is the Word. He is the Bible. The Word is the Holy Spirit. The Word is life and spirit. So when I feed myself with the Word of God, it give life and light to me.

I believe in tithing because it works. I believe in offering because it works. A good investment a person can do is investing in the Kingdom of God because God will never rob us instead He will see to it that we will be well provided but first He will look to our heart whether we are really cheerful giver to his kingdom. God is not mocked, we can’t deceive God because He is God.

I Never Thought I would Be Praying For Barbara Cartland Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis : To me, anything is possible to the Lord. He raised dead here in earth. He is merciful and I beleive He will never let good people to end up in hell. The Bible said, no one can enter the gate of heaven without making The Lord Jesus as Lord. So good people end up somewhere waiting that someone will pray for their salvation. Someone will ask the Lord for their mercy.



I never thought that I would be praying Barbara Cartland who was dead a few years ago. I learned in the past , once dead is dead. No more chance. But  I came to know if some one die who did not end up in heaven ( I believe once the person is in hell, I believe no more chance. There are dead people who saw or witness people in hell who came back to earth to report that hell is real. What I am talking here are those people who got good heart but didn’t know Jesus), somebody can pray salvation for that is not too late because Jesus hasn’t come yet. What I write here is not in the Bible. I learned it from the Holy Spirit. He is my teacher. He is not stuck to the past. He is the present and moving forward. He is not stagnant. As it says, nothing is impossible to the Lord when it is the will of God. If it is not the will of God then it can’t be done, the Holy Spirit will not do it. His passion is to please the Lord Jesus.

While I was eating my lunch, suddenly a name came to my mind. It was Barbara Cartland. She was dead a few years ago. She was my favourite romance historical author. I used to owned large box fully filled with her novels. Well the Holy Spirit told me to pray for her salvation. She ended up in the vault. There are five layers in hell. I believe the vault is is somewhere hidden in this layer in the spiritual realm, being look after by one of the Angel of God. 

How the Holy Spirit instructed me to pray for her salvation was quite different from the other celebrities. The Holy Spirit told me to pray in speaking tongues and do some actions. Really quite different. Then I was told to sit down. The Holy Spirit told me why? He said because she was a different person. She believed in reincarnation. She like pink. She has a good heart who helped a lot of poor gypsies and rallied for their fair treatment. She had given thousands of pounds to charities. She like herbals, like to put herbal cream in her face. She like herbal tea.

Well, what I heard from the Holy Spirit , An Angel  went to the vault to open and lead her to the Lord Jesus.

Long time ago, as I searched the Lord, I came across an article written by someone. He talked about vault being keep somewhere in the spiritual realm and being look after by one of the Angel. So I wasn’t surprised about hearing from the Holy Spirit about vault.

To Cheat or Not To Cheat Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis : if you don’t know the real God and have no intimate relationship with him, then you can cheat what ever you want. 



I was making a claim, the question infront of me is about my income and what I got. I was thinking in my heart to lower it down so that my claims will not be reduce to little. Immediately the Holy Spirit mention the amount of my money. But still I was refusing to put that amount but chose the lowest amount that I can think of. But at the end I got to put what I heard because he was the witness. We can’t cheat even we are alone. The Father in Heaven knows it. There is the Spirit of God who knows everything. To cheat is to rob our anointing and Favor from the Lord.

It is not worth to cheat because it doesn’t profit us at the end. How can it profit us when the anointing was no longer there, the Favor was no longer there. We do have experience in the past. Yes, I cheated in the past. I even stole from my parents and seedlings from other classmates at school. But at the end , I lost it all. To have little accompanied by the blessings of the Lord, it will make us rich. What I write here is true because I walked these experience already. I journey  all all of these and I know what not to do or what to do. We call it ” I have been there!”

Prayer For Discernment and Witness of the Holy Spirit by Ben Zupano

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ of Nazareth Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis : Discernemnt is the most important. It saves you from deception and trouble ahead..



 PRAYERS FOR DISCERNMENT AND WITNESS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Christians do not always discern well, on a consistent basis, whether their experiences are from God or not. Paul says, in the New Testament, that we see through a glass, dimly. He was saying that things are not always clear to us. That is because the “flesh” and distractions of every day life sometimes interfere with our ability to pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is trying to say to us when He speaks to us or witnesses to us. Test your experience and leadings to see if they are of God, if you do not have a clear witness or discernment. Here are a variety of Spirit-filled prayers that can be used: “I bind Satan and all of his principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness and wicked spirits in high places, and break all oppositions, hindrances, interferences, and obstructions to clear discernment and possession of my victory, Lord Jesus Christ, all by trusting and expectant faith, in Your Name and for Your Glory. I take possession of what is already mine in-the-Spirit, by faith in Your Name, Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.” “I resist all the powers of darkness and their assignments against this house (church, etc.) this day, and I bind them, break their power, and curse their works at the roots, all in Christ Jesus’ Name, Amen.” “Lord Jesus Christ, if this, which I am experiencing is of You, I receive it. If it is not of You, I reject it and curse it at its roots. If it is of You. Lord, open all the doors to it for Your purpose and Glory, and if it is not of You, close all the doors to it. I ask these things in Your Name and for Your Glory, Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.” If you are uncertain about a spiritual circumstance, wait for the Lord to lead you. DO NOT ACT on it. And remember the acronym “H.A.L.T.”. It stands for HUNGRY, ANGRY, LONELY, TIRED. If you are experiencing any or all of these things in a spiritual circumstance, do not act on it. Pray for revelation. Discern who you are in Christ and remind yourself of it frequently. Satan will try to get you off track and get your eyes on your past, your circumstances, your weaknesses, or your past failures. Ask the Holy Spirit to make you ever alert to Satan’s wiles, and then, HOLD YOUR POSITION IN CHRIST! Confess aloud: “ I have died with Christ and have been buried with Him; my “old self’ is dead and buried in the waters of immersion baptism, never to be exhumed, examined, or looked at, again … in Jesus’ Name, Amen.” If, out of human frailty and weakness, you fall into sin, RE-TAKE YOUR POSITION in the supernatural and CONFESS AGAIN and AGAIN that you have been crucified and buried with Christ! Remember that confession brings possession, and the Holy Spirit WILL make it a reality in your life and transform your attitudes and desires toward sin. Hold on to the revelation of your death and burial in Christ and with Christ. Cling to it! Cling to it! Cling to it! Confess it! The Holy Spirit honors your faith and will bring you into clear thinking, clear vision, total freedom and full deliverance from your sin. 

Look Godly But Not a Really Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis : Be alert of the people around you. Discern, discern. Listen to your intuition, conscience or hunches or guts. If you can hear the Holy Spirit then listen to him. Little odd feeling don’t ignore it.



Look Godly But Not Really Written By Ione Kinzel

For a long time, I been deceived by people who look good, talk good, even look and talk good christian, leader as Christians. The Lord had opened to me the real world we lived in. I thought scary people got scary face or appearance but it doesn’t look like that. The most deceiving people look good and decent and talked and act like Christians. In fact I met in my street evangelism , scary face or appearance got good heart. To me it is important we know how to discern. It is through discernment that we know the real person.
As the Lord taught me, I saw a lot of decent people and evenly Godly looking people . Every time I asked the Holy Spirit about the person I heard him say ” don’t be deceived.” When the right time came, it was revealed to me the other personality of the person. Suppose to be, we act and think like Christ because we are follower of Lord Jesus Christ but it doesn’t seem to be. A lot I witness are hypocrite, jealous,envious of what other got, gossiper, pretentious, materialistic, hungry for power etc. what a scary world. But the Holy Spirit made it possible for us to live safe and victorious.
I had learned through time to let the Holy Spirit to lead me. He had saved me many times from deception and from danger. Without him, I would surely get in trouble because people out there got dark secrets. A lot of people I met at the streets got demons and involved in sorcery, witchcraft , divinations, bewitchment and occult. Even so called Christians are involved in occults and sorcery. A lot of Christians mix the Word of God with witchcraft and occults. There are Christians so called couldn’t renounce their involvement with occult because of the dark power. They couldn’t relinquish the power because they got used to it.
I encourage you to get to know the Holy Spirit. Be baptise of the Holy Spirit and have the desire to speak tongues. Get to a born believer church, the one who teach Word of God and made Jesus Christ as Lord. Partner a good ministries and invest to buy their CDs or DVDs. Come to believers conference and check it out.