Devil, Demons Bow Down To Lord Jesus Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
Amarylis: When Jesus was resurrected. We Who have Lord Jesus are also resurrected. When Lord Jesus ascended to Heaven. We too are raised up with Him. When He seated at the right hand of the Father. We too seated at the right hand of the Lord Jesus. That is the most Heavenly reward for those who give their life to Lord Jesus. Many doesn’t know about this. It took me so long to understand this but now I know. We seek and seek The Lord, research and research even we think we know Him already. Why? This is to enlarge our capacity to receive everything from Him. When the knowledge is limited. The capacity to receive is also limited. Knowledge plus application brings good results and testimonies.


Devil, Demons Bow Down To Lord Jesus Written By Ione Kinzel
My job for God doing Street Ministries is not a cosy cosy job. It’s dangerous. Very dangerous. But when the Lord told me to go, then I had to go.
The people I reached out were the people whom you disliked and distance away. Majority of them obviously look demonised and unkept. Not only that smelly. But I got used to it and not think about it, when I hold their hands, I didn’t think anymore whether it’s dirty or clean. I tried not to look to their yukky mouth. These people heard Jesus somewhere either in their family or friends. 
In the natural, they were people who were not easily reach because of their aggressiveness, their rebellion and their drunkard state. But The Name of Jesus quicken their ears. When I approached them, the moment I mentioned the Name of Jesus they stopped. I got their attention. They bowed their heads. The demons tried their best to stop these people to give their life to Jesus either by shutting their mouth. So many people I prayed, they found it hard to open their mouth. Demons shut their mouth. But the Spirit of God raised my voice to a dominant and with authority. I became hard and a commander. I would command them with hardness in my voice with a very serious face to open their mouth and to follow what I said. 
Satan is known to be not gentle but harsh. So I had to remind myself that I was facing the devil himself. With authority I would command them to do what I said. By the grace of God, they overcame it. The devil muffled their mouth and then suddenly it loosen its grips. They managed to finish their confessions. 
To be a successful in the street ministries, one must have compassion for the lost especially the lowest level in the society. They are Human with a heart. They need love. They are crying for Love and understanding. A lot of times I cried to what I witness in the street. Life is not easy. They are so lost and in the dark. We can’t judge why they end up like that. The world is ruled by the Prince of the Air. There is no love in him but to steal, kill and destroy. But Lord Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. So those whom I met were destroyed by the works of the Devils and suddenly the Name of Jesus came to their rescue. Jesus is Salvation and deliverance. It surely saved and delivered them. It’s been more than one year already and I won so many souls for the Lord Jesus. I was a vessels for Him and through obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit , souls have been saved. 
Many I saw have change their life. There were few who were in the process. These few were confronted with challenge being new person. That was the hardest part. They were used to the comfort zone as Devils but to step out of the box was so scary. That was why they were in the process. Although they were not the same anymore. Lord Jesus restored their dignity.


The Holy Spirit And The Street Ministries Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ of Nazareth is Lord! He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
Amarylis: get to know the Holy Spirit but first give your life to Jesus Christ. Confess the Sinner’s Prayer. This blog got Sinner’s Prayer. Why? The Almighty God, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit are One. We need to humble ourselves to God and before we can go to His Throne of Grace, we must submit to Him and ask to forgive our sins so that that sins will be blotted out in the Book of Lamb.


The Holy Spirit And The Street Ministries Written By Ione Kinzel
Before I was born again, receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord. I didn’t knew who the Holy Spirit. I never heard him from my mother’s church. My mother was a Seventh Day Adventist.
When a witchcrafts attacked my home, I called a Priest in the Catholic Church and beg him to come. That Priest was busy but managed to visit me. He stood at the center of my home and prayed. He said about the Holy Spirit and I replied with ignorance ” this spirit…” He got upset with me. But you see, I was so spiritually blinded.

Then when I listened to believers who believe Jesus Christ as Lord, I kept hearing from all the sermons about the Holy Spirit. I tell you it took me so many years to know the Holy Spirit. I came to know Him intimately when I heard His voice. Then still it took time to get acquinted with Him. The relationship developed over time. Then He showed me signs and wonders .
I met an acquaintance today who was a believer. She said to me, ” I don’t know why. I went out and looking for these street people so that I could give them my pamphlets but just couldn’t find them. This woman had witness me several times praying the people outside in the shopping centre. When she said that, I begun to realised that the Holy Spirit wasn’t with her when she went out. It didn’t brought her any results.
The Holy Spirit is the channel. He is the carrier of the power. I don’t go out in my home without him. Especially to do the job for God. Why? Because He is the Chief Executive and the conductor of the Orchestra. I brought so many people to the Lord because of the third God Head: The Holy Spirit. He knows where to find these people. So the moment I went out, He put these people at the right place and at the right time in my way. To me it’s power. I was like harvesting in the fields.
When I walked outside, my ears were always listening to the little voice instructions. My left and right legs were trained to obey the voice. So when He said right, the legs must go to the right. Same with the left even in my eyes it didn’t made sense at all. But at the end, one or group of people were standing. All I had to do was to invite them to receive Jesus. It works. Without the Holy Spirit, I couldn’t do mighty works. It’s dead and the more it’s hard. But with Him, it’s a joy.

The Lord Looks After Our Land Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
Amarylis: Only the Lord knows about the future of our properties. He is God. If we don’t involved the Lord Jesus over our properties, anything could happened. I got one relation, when she received all her inheritance 18 documents. Within one year, most of the land had been sold. After just a few years, all the land gone. When she died, her children tried to find the land and recovered it but it was too late, there was nothing to recover. True security comes from the Lord Jesus.


The Lord Looks After Our Land Written By Ione Kinzel
I witness how the Lord looks after the land who loves Him. I came from a family who owned lands. My mother witness her relations were fighting over a land in the town before and after the death of their relation who had no family of her own. My mother vowed that it would never happened to her children. At the age of 70 years old, my mother found a good lawyer to do the documents. By the age of 80 years old, she distributed the documents to each of her children, I got my portion. She gave me the best land with the best tenant. My sister and brother they got their portion also.
Me and my sister lived in abroad so we were not interested in our properties back home. So our brother expected that it would end up to Him.
Then me and my sister became believers. We made Jesus as our Lord. I told my brother I would gave my land to his son who never finished school. My sister decided to give her land to my brother. As the years past, something just stop me from sending my document to my brother. So was my sister. Then another years passed, my sister sent so much money to them and put one of the son to university, it cost her a lot of t of money. My sister decided, she wouldn’t give the land to my brother because he received too much money from her.
Then one day, my sister told me that she read in the Bible never to move the mark or boundary of the Ancestors. Something stirred up in my heart, a sense of urgency. I packed my belongings for a short holiday back home. I brought my children with me. Then I observed my brother who received so much money from me and his family. Something wasn’t right. I noticed one of the son whom I decided to give my land, got big head and who had no respect towards me. They were mammon people. They were lovers of money. I was so sad. I told my brother, I decided to let my children to have my land even they are far away. My brother was shocked.
When I arrived back abroad, I knew already, God sent me there to make a decision about my land. No wonder I couldn’t released the document. The Lord hold my hands. I talked to my brother and told him, I couldn’t gave the land to his son. I didn’t removed my land from the tenants.
I am thankful the Lord look after our properties. That time, I was a tither already. He is true to His promise that He will look after our ground and everything we possess that no devourer can touch it. I believe if I wasn’t with the Word of God and not a tither during that time, my foolish decision will surely bring me sorrows. That was a Divine Intervention.

Your Inner Voice Is Your Final Authority Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
Amarylis: practice obeying your instincts or promptings. It will save your life. You sense something no good then run. You sense something danger, then run. Don’t wait by trying to hear it again and again or trying to do reasoning. It doesn’t work. The things that is from God is not logic, nor reasoning nor trying to solve through our intellect. We just trust it that’s all. Read the scriptures in the Bible, it sharpens our hearing deep inside in us. The Scriptures is God.


Your Inner Voice Is Your Final Authority Written By Ione Kinzel
Cluttered mind and thoughts , can’t hear deep inside in us. What we hear is confusion. So we listen outside in us and that is the physical realm which is deceiving.
As the level in spiritual growth moved higher, I found that what we see in this world, around can’t be trusted. I found that the only way we can depend is the direction of the Holy Spirit, our inner voice( Instinct, Promptings).
Our inner voice could be the Holy Spirit Himself or our inner man who is the real you and me. Our inner man or the inner spirit or our spirit heart can be trusted because our inner man never sleep. He is awake 24/7 and is in contact with the Holy Spirit. While our body is asleep but our inner man is so awake , who knows what is going on around you and in the spiritual realm.
So if you lost your keys or forgotten something, your inner man is the one who knows. My inner man tells me so much and who reminds me especially the important one. Because of the level of my anointing, I can talk to my inner man or he talks to me. One time this inner man said something I got a big shocked because how he says it, it was the way I say it. That was a huge revelation to me. My inner man is the real me.
So when the Holy Spirit gives me an instruction usually opposed by my own children. I stick to that voice. That voice is my final authority no matter what my loves one say, but can’t be moved by their opinions. That is what I will follow, his voice. No matter what the pressures and a lot of time the devil will raise up the pressures aggressively using my loveones, I can’t be moved. It hurts in my flesh. My flesh suffered but I will sacrifice for the sake of obedience. It is obedience we receive reward from God. He is a generous God. Whatever the confusion outside in me because I go to what is not normal, God will restore it at the end . God is the God of restoration. Our trust must be in God. The devil will use confusion and disarray in the unity of the family but the Lord is the God of restoration. When He restored, the result is much more better than before.
My oldest child said to me,” Mum, do this, not that one . Otherwise you become weird.” I replied to my child whom I used to please before, ” I can’t, I can’t afford to foul it up.” I used to please this child even in my eyes it’s wrong and dark, for the sake of peace I just nod my head. But the result was very bad. I learned no matter what the cost is to obey God. If is dark, it’s dark and it can’t be light. Light can never be dark. That was a long lessons for me dealing with this child. Only God can make relationship good. The voice inside in us, not the devil’s voice is the final authority.

Be Born Again Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I declare Jesus Christ of Nazareth Is Lord! He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
Amarylis: Never stop researching about God’s ways Kingdom because how  much we accumulate in knowledge determines our capacity to receive. Read and read or listen CD, DVD of the successful Evangelist, Pastors and Prophets. Learn from them.


Be Born Again Written By Ione Kinzel
Many religion hate to hear the word born again or Born Again Christian. They didn’t not know born again means having Jesus as their Lord and Master. When we confess our sins , repent and surrender ourselves to Jesus , our sins are wash away. We turned away from sins because Jesus hates sin. 
The scales in our eyes will fall off and the plug in our ears fall off and we will be abled to receive revelations from the Word of God. A person who is not born again can’t receive revelation knowledge. There is no Holy Spirit operating in him. That person is dead in spirit and is spiritually blind and deaf.
A person who is not born again can’t receive the blessings and favors from the Lord Jesus. Jesus is the source of everything. He is the son of God. Everything from the Father in Heaven goes to Jesus. And if you are born again, you become a co heir with Jesus.
A person who is not born again, the Holy Spirit is not in him. Why? That person got no Jesus. The Holy Spirit pleases the Lord Jesus all the time. The Holy Spirit is loyal to the Father and to Jesus. Why? The Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one.
Without the Holy Spirit then there is no Divine Direction which we all need to succeed. Without the Holy Spirit then the person operates without anointing. We need the anointing which is the might to succeed. We need the fire from the Holy Spirit to destroy the yoke of the devil.
When Jesus ascended to Heaven, he tore the Heaven to make an opening. So that blessings and favors from heaven can come down and the Holy Spirit can come down to earth. That is why Stephen saw heaven and Jesus standing when he was being stone and then he sleep. As Jesus ascended to Heaven and seated at the right hand of the Father. We too ascended and seated at the right hand of Jesus. 
Jesus is the gate to Heaven. He is the door. No one can pass that door with out making Jesus as Lord.
Many people didn’t make Jesus as Lord. They said they still have to think over or they didn’t need Him. Many people died in their sleep and have not given their life to Lord Jesus. Where did they end up. The Lord Jesus just said to me ” Hell.”
It is very important to search to know more and more about Lord Jesus. Even we made Him as Lord in our life, we must not stop searching for more knowledge about Him and His Kingdom because what ever we know determines our capacity to receive blessings, favors and breakthrough. The level of the knowledge you got about God’s Kingdom determines how much you will harvest and reap.
With little knowledge means you receive little. More knowledge means you receive more. Extreme knowledge of His Kingdom ways, means you receive extreme blessings and breakthrough. So non stop searching and researching . Read a lot about His Kingdom ways and successful Evangelist, Pastors and Prophets. And let us imitate them. These people imitate Jesus. Let us imitate Jesus. I will not be in this level without grabbing informations from left to right. The more I grab knowledge and applied in real life, the more I experience that I had never experience before. More breakthrough and breakthrough.

The Higher The Level, The Higher The Devil Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
Amarylis: I believe everybody should ask the Lord for anointing. Christ means anointing. Jesus is the anointed one. Anointing breaks the yoke. 


The Higher The Level, The Higher The Devil Written By Ione Kinzel
Many people doesn’t know that they are attack by evil spirits. They can’t see the evil because it is a spirit.
I can hear Heaven talking but at the same time I can hear devil or evil spirits. I can even hear Satan talking to me. Satan’s voice has dark demonic tone of voice. I have to bind and rebuke and cast it to the pit.
While I was reading the Word of God, I heard the Holy Spirit telling me that there were snake spirits around my mouth. Usually I would say ” Let the fire of the Holy Ghost burn the snake spirits to ashes in Jesus Name.” But because they were in my mouth, I just put my right hand and covered my mouth and let them burned by the fire in my hand. Suddenly I heard a voice under my hand talking to me ” Let us out! Let us out! We are marine spirits( snake water)! We do no harm! You have no record with us. We are sent by our Master to observe you. Right now I saw you reading but I can’t read. Our Master hated you. You won many souls for the Lord! We Hate the Lord! We put many obstacles and hindrances in your way but they just disappeared. You are so powerful.” Then became silent. Means they were burnt by the fire of the Holy Spirit.
In the natural, it’s very scary. Come to think you hear evil spirits talking to you. In my mind, when I heard they were talking. I don’t listen to them. The Holy Spirit told me not to listen to them because they are deceivers. These evil I heard in my spirit, they are scanners , observers and trackers sent by their master.
In the physical realm, I would also know when evil spirits lingers in the parts of my body. These evil spirits are usually serpents, snakes and demons. What made me know what was going on? It’s the anointing. The Anointing is very important for me to stay alive in the street ministries. Anointing have levels. Same with the spiritual gifts. The higher the anointing and the gifting, the higher the oppositions. I write this not through theology but through my experience.
That is why it is important to pray at all times. I encourage you to ask the Lord for anointing. The anointing is the might.

The God Of Surprise Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ of Nazareth Is Lord! He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
Amarylis: there are two sources of Power. These are Power of God and Power of Satan. Choose Power of God and you will be made whole. Never choose the power of Satan because it is dark and at the end it will destroy you. All followers of Satan if they will not repent( turn around), they will surely die of sin and their destination is surely eternal hell.


The God Of Surprise Written By Ione Kinzel
God is always the God of Surprise and not only that He is also the God of Suddenly.

I was sitting in the floor confessing the Word of God, then suddenly I heard God Himself. He identify Himself. The Holy Spirit confirmed it to me. I always test the spirit because I got so many enemies. This enemies a lot of them, I couldn’t see.
Suddenly, the Father in Heaven instructed me what to do. When I heard His instruction, I immediately knew it was anointing. I was smiling because yesterday, I was complaining to Him jokingly while listening to Evangelist Reinhard Boonke about Aaron’s anointing, the anointed oil running from his beard to his robe. I said to God,” Lord, you did that to Aaron but to me , it was running only up to my chest.”

The Lord said ” Don’t worry.” Then silent.
Well now the Lord anointed me, something was running from my chin to my chest and then to my stomach, then it fall to my feet. Then some in the floor. I heard the Holy Spirit to smear my feet the one in the floor. I was so happy. What a good God I serve. 
I said to God, ” Lord, you didn’t forget what I said yesterday. You are the God of surprise. ” I never expected that to happen. That was suddenly!
After I had eaten my dinner. I felt my left feet and my leg crawling  and shaking, I heard the Holy Spirit ” It’s me Ione. ” That was so powerful. He said ” Ione , the anointing is so powerful. Check your hands. Put it up.” So I did . Oh dear, immediately, it ignite power( flame). It was so powerful. A very high voltage. Greater than before. I said to the Holy Spirit ” if I lay this hand to a person, It will heal him.” The Holy Spirit said ” it will heal him but then He must believe and not doubt.

When I said flame coming, if that is Evangelist Reinhard Boonke, he will call it Fire! The Holy Ghost Fire!

God is an Awesome God. He is a good God. Very generous above and beyond. I said this because this is what I experience. If God give me, He can give you too because He is not a respecter. I am not even a Pastor but God give me beyond measure. Another thing to share. Get so close to the Holy Spirit because He is powerful in this earth. Reminder: You can’t have the Holy Spirit without getting close to Lord Jesus. By getting close to Lord Jesus, you become so close To God because Jesus is God.