The Goodman’s Good Soul God Can’t Refuse Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis: I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

Amarylis: when you have a good heart to mankind and to the things God created, He will never forget you even you are dead. He will reach you out at the pit. Hell or hades got five layers and anywhere you be in that layer, God will reach you out. He will get someone to pray for that person even that person doesn’t know that person. So that devil can’t stop it, the deliverer will speak new tongues. Then there is no obstacles for that Salvations. Jesus will be waiting for that person at the gate to heaven. I say this through my intimate knowledge of our Lord, whatever my mistakes, he will correct me, even in my typing here, the Holy Spirit is looking to it.



A few hours ago, while I was reading the Word, I remember my old friend who died three years ago. She was from America. The Holy Spirit told me she went straight to hell, also her mother who suicide. But the Holy Spirit told me her father is in the vault. He wants me to pray for him. I told the Holy Spirit I need to eat first.

Then I forgot about it and work. After work and read. The Holy Spirit reminded me to pray for the father of my friend. So I stand up and started to speak tongues. What a big surprised He told me that name of the Father of my friend which I forgot. I met this man only two or three times very long time ago when we were young. The name rang a bell to me, it is his real name. He told me that this man was a good man that is why he was in the vault. While typing this, the man was out in the vault already and he is now with the Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit told me that I can’t pray for my friend because it is not the will of the Father in Heaven. So I don’t do it.


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