America, America


I asked the Lord about Obama, the Lord replied ” Obama is not a Christian.” I asked the Lord again ” Lord why America voted him.” The Lord answered ” they were deceive.”

Anybody against Israel doesn’t Love The  Lord God. If we truly know God, then we know his covenanted people and we don’t touch them. Anybody who touch then and their country, the God of Elijah will not like it. Anybody against God’s people are the enemies of God.

I don’t want to be curse, I don’t want to go against God of Elijah because I don’t want the blessings to run away from me and my family. I don’t want my generations to be under curse. I love my family and my grandchildren and great grandchildren. I don’t want curses to be hanging on them.

Before we attack the country( Israel) that belongs to God, we have to think a thousands times what would be the effects or the results. God is not sleeping. He is doesn’t slumber. He is 24/7. He knows what we are doing and what words come out in our mouth.

I pray for America to line this country to the Word of God. I pray for all the believers of Jesus and all the Minstriies who believe in Jesus that their prayers will be answered. Let the Christian Presidential candidate who believe Jesus is Lord to win in the next vote for Americas Presidency.

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