From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord!

Amarylis : Confess and you get it. The tongue has a huge power like an engine. It attract the things you want to attract. Speak up!


David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc.
This is declared your month of wonders by praise in the name of Jesus!
I decree an end to every plague in your life in the mighty name of Jesus!
This month must be your month of testimonies!
I command the destruction of every trace of depression in your life in the name of Jesus!
Rewards of your labour to God must show up this month!
Your marital destiny is restored this month!
Your enemies are coming down this month in Jesus’ name!
This is your month of dominion!
Your dominion over every disease or pain you’ve been nursing is established right now in Jesus’ name!
I decree the release of the oil of joy on your life!
I see you dominating all your circumstances!
This month is your month of harvest!
The harvest of your labour is tumbling in!
Your converts shall be established in God’s presence!
Every war against your life is lost in the name of Jesus!
Every of your everlasting mountain shall be levelled in this month of praise!
Your barriers are falling down flat!
Whatever represents a blemish in your life is cleared off in Jesus’ name!
Something will happen to you suddenly that will catapult you to your high places in Jesus’ name!
Beginning from this week, you will never experience a dry season again in Jesus’ name!
Your miracle children are here now in the name of Jesus!
You will not miss your package this month!

PROPHETIC INSTRUCTION: Engage in at least an hour session of high praises at your preferred time, using it as a medium to bring every issue of concern to God.



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