Decide to Win By Dr. Jerry Savelle

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

You can have life and blessing or you can have death and cursing. The decision is yours.

God puts it this way: “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live” (Deuteronomy 30:19).

God said, “Here is life and blessing, and here is death and cursing. What is your choice?” It is up to you.

Whose decision is it to have life? Yours!

Whose decision is it for you to prosper? Yours!

Whose decision is it for you to be in health? Yours!

When Jesus said to a man, “Wilt thou be made whole?” He was telling the man that the prerequisite to being made whole is to make a decision to be made whole.

Whatever challenge you are facing right now, choose to win.

Confession: I make the decision to have life today. I make the decision to have blessing today. I make the decision to be made completely whole today. I choose to win.

Author: Jerry Savelle


Reward For Labour By Pastor E A Adeboye.

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord!

And I have given you a land for which ye did not labour, and cities which ye built not, and ye dwell in them; of the vineyards and oliveyards which ye planted not do ye eat.
Joshua 24:13

Read: Genesis 31:3-7

3 And the LORD said unto Jacob, Return unto the land of thy fathers, and to thy kindred; and I will be with thee.
4 And Jacob sent and called Rachel and Leah to the field unto his flock,
5 And said unto them, I see your father’s countenance, that it is not toward me as before; but the God of my father hath been with me.
6 And ye know that with all my power I have served your father.
7 And your father hath deceived me, and changed my wages ten times; but God suffered him not to hurt me.


Jacob sojourned with Laban and laboured for him for several years. At first, his host was cheating him at every opportunity, and the years of his hard labour were almost in vain. Down the line, God had to intervene to enable Jacob eat the fruit of his labour. For a reader of this devotional, in every area that you have been deprived of your reward in the hands of your employers or contractors, the Lord will intervene on your behalf in Jesus’ name. It is evil when your sweat serves to increase the wealth of another man without you having any benefit to show for it. After God decided to bless Jacob to redeem the years of his labour under Laban, the sons of Laban and their father conspired against him, believing that he did not deserve the wealth he had earned. When God intervenes in your situation, you will become what the enemy did not think you could ever become. God’s intervention brings reward for labour. This can be manifested in God helping you to set up your own business or company after faithfully serving another for a reasonable length of time. Jacob ran Laban’s business as his own; he was faithful to tending the flocks and the business grew rapidly under his care. Jacob later recognised that although he had served Laban over the years, the man was not eager to grant him independence. May the Lord deliver you from the wisdom and power of those who don’t want you to become your best.

Reward for labour is obtained when the Lord delivers you from the hands of unfaithful business associates. Laban dealt fraudulently with Jacob; at several instances, he changed their business agreement just to make sure that Jacob lost out while he prospered. When the Lord chooses to reward your labour, He will not allow the plans of fraudsters against you to stand. Through fraud, there are many people who have lost their mouth-watering jobs innocently. Some people have been imprisoned for frauds they knew nothing about. Some people have lost millions and billions through fraud; this will never be your experience in Jesus’ Name. Also, when the Lord chooses to reward your labour, He will not allow your sincere investment to go in vain. Jacob invested his time, skills and labour into the business between himself and Laban. Reward for your labour comes when God decides to judge between you and those using you for their own advantage. After over 200 years of hard labour in Egypt, God came down to deliver the children of Israel and He gave them a land where they would enjoy the abundance provided by others. May the Lord cause you to enter into an inheritance of rest in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point:
Father, grant me reward for all my labour and remember me for good in Jesus’ name.


You’re Protected from Evil (2) From The Word of Today

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

‘Hide me in the shadow of Your wings.’ Psalm 17:8 NIV
Here are three ways you can open yourself up to the power of evil: (1) By choice. The author of The Satanic Bible said, ‘A successful witch or wizard must first surrender totally to Satan.’ You’re probably wondering what kind of person would say or do such a thing. But the fact is, God gives each of us a free will capable of surrendering to Christ or to Satan. Paul writes, ‘Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves… so…present your [bodies] as slaves of righteousness.’ (Romans 6:16-19 NKJV) (2) By unrestrained indulgence. When any natural desire is indulged to excess, it can become an addiction and a force of destruction. Now, let’s be clear here: addiction doesn’t equate to someone being demon-possessed. Many Christians battle stubborn habits, and Christ has promised to set them free (John 8:32). When you were saved, Christ moved in and Satan moved out, because Christ won’t live in a building with the devil. (3) By dabbling in the occult. God told Israel that those who put their trust in mediums were to be cut off from the community (Leviticus 20:6). Ever wonder why spiritual mediums can’t pick the right lottery number, win a fortune and feed the starving masses? Because they’re fake, that’s why! Speaking of Satan, Jesus said, ‘There is no truth in him…he is a liar and the father of [lies].’ (John 8:44 NKJV) Don’t mess with the powers of darkness through horoscopes or anything else. The only true guidance that comes from a star, comes from Jesus, ‘the Bright and Morning Star.’ (Revelation 22:16 NKJV)

SoulFood: 2 Chron 29-31; Luke 17:20-37; Ps 119:137-144; Pro 22:11-13


How To Discern Evil! By Prophet Kakra Baiden

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord!

Amarylis: Read this so that nobody can deceive you.

Deception is growing at an alarming rate. It is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the real from the fake. How can you tell when someone will be a genuine husband or a good wife? How can you tell a good business from a bad business? How can you tell a genuine person from a bad person?

The word “discern” means the ability to go beyond the surface and know the true nature of things.
Ezekiel 44:23 reads, “And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.”

First of all, you have to be taught the Bible to be able to tell the difference between ‘holy’ and ‘profane.’ Someone once said nothing is big or small except by comparison. You can discern situations, circumstances, motives, and people by comparing them with related scriptures.
As you keep on studying the scriptures, they will become embedded in your spirit till you get to a point, where your spirit becomes like a scanner. You will be able to tell the difference between clean and unclean!


When God Says “No” . . . Pray by Charles R. Swindoll

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.


When nobody is around and when we’re able to be absolutely honest with ourselves before God, we entertain certain dreams and hopes. We want very much by the end of our days to have ____________________ (fill in the blank). However, it may well be that we will die with that desire unfulfilled. Should that occur, it will be one of the hardest things in the world for us to face and accept. David heard the Lord’s “no” and quietly accepted it without resentment. That’s awfully hard to do. But we find in David’s final recorded words a life-sized portrait of a man after God’s own heart.
After four decades of service to Israel, King David, old and perhaps stooped by the years, looked for the last time into the faces of his trusted followers. Many of them represented distinct memories in the old man’s mind. Those who would carry on his legacy surrounded him, waiting to receive his last words of wisdom and instruction. What would the seventy-year-old king say?
He began with the passion of his heart, pulling back the curtain to reveal his deepest desire—the dreams and plans for building a temple to the Lord (1 Chronicles 28:2). It was a dream that went unfulfilled in his lifetime. “God said to me,” David told his people, “‘You shall not build a house for My name because you are a man of war and have shed blood'” (28:3).
Dreams die hard. But in his parting words, David chose to focus on what God had allowed him to do—to reign as king over Israel, to establish his son Solomon over the kingdom, and to pass the dream on to him (28:4–8). Then, in a beautiful prayer, an extemporaneous expression of worship to the Lord God, David praised the greatness of God, thanking Him for His many blessings, and then interceded for the people of Israel and for their new king, Solomon. Take some extra time to read David’s prayer slowly and thoughtfully. It’s found in 1 Chronicles 29:10–19.
Rather than wallowing in self-pity or bitterness regarding his unfulfilled dream, David praised God with a grateful heart. Praise leaves humanity out of the picture and focuses fully on the exaltation of the living God. The magnifying glass of praise always looks up.
“Blessed are You, O LORD God of Israel our father, forever and ever. Yours, O LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, indeed everything that is in the heavens and the earth; Yours is the dominion, O LORD, and You exalt Yourself as head over all. Both riches and honor come from You, and You rule over all, and in Your hand is power and might; and it lies in Your hand to make great and to strengthen everyone.” (29:10–12)
As David thought of the lavish grace of God that had given the people one good thing after another, his praise then turned to thanksgiving. “Now therefore, our God, we thank You, and praise Your glorious name” (29:13). David acknowledged there was nothing special about his people. Their history was one of wandering and tent-dwelling; their lives were like shifting shadows. Yet, because of God’s great goodness they were able to supply all that was needed to build God a temple (29:14–16).
David was surrounded by limitless riches, yet all that wealth never captured his heart. He fought other battles within but never greed. David was not held hostage by materialism. He said, in effect, “Lord, everything we have is Yours—all these beautiful elements we offer for your temple, the place where I live, the throne room—all of it is Yours, everything.” To David, God owned it all. Perhaps it was this attitude that allowed the monarch to cope with God’s “no” in his life—he was confident that God was in control and that God’s plans were best. David held everything loosely.
Next, David prayed for others. He interceded for the people he had ruled for forty years, asking the Lord to remember their offerings for the temple and to draw their hearts toward Him (29:17–18). David also prayed for Solomon: “give to my son Solomon a perfect heart to keep Your commandments, Your testimonies and Your statutes, and to do them all, and to build the temple, for which I have made provision” (29:19).
This magnificent prayer contained David’s last recorded words; shortly after, he died “full of days, riches and honor” (29:28). What a fitting way to end a life! His death is a fitting reminder that when a man of God dies, nothing of God dies.
Though some dreams remain unfulfilled, a man or woman of God can respond to His “no” with praise, thanksgiving, and intercession . . . because when a dream dies, nothing of God’s purposes die.


It Brought Down a King; It’ll Do the Same to You by David Carl

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord!

Amarylis : this article is very long, it is not boring but will surely bless you. So read and you will be blessed.


Sometimes I learn things in strange ways. And I annoy the people around me because I get so excited about the things I learn and the weird ways I learn them that I just have to tell all about it. For example, I had a couple of thoughts the other day while watching an episode of CSI. My first thought was, “Never eat while watching an episode of CSI.” My second thought was, “What if you could do a forensic investigation on a soul?” That question reminded me of King Saul. I know; it’s weird. Stay with me.

The story of King Saul holds a strange and gnawing fascination for me. It covers miles of emotional ground. Some average guy finds out one day that he is king. I love that. Who among us hasn’t stapled a paper crown together and walked regally around our first grade classroom? Most of us secretly want to be king one day, and if it comes suddenly and as a surprise—all the better! That’s exactly what happened to Saul, son of Kish. He wasn’t in line for kingship for several reasons. He was from the wrong tribe. And more significantly, up until that point, Israel wasn’t ruled by a king. Saul was raised up out of total obscurity and given a unique opportunity to be a mighty man of God and a blessing to his people. He could’ve been great.

Most men that we think of as great aren’t. Mostly they’re just high achievers. But the Bible never commands anyone to be a high achiever. It never tells men to amass great fortunes, build tall buildings, or wield great power. The Bible records one ultimate purpose for us: to love God (Matthew 22:37-38). This love will naturally work its way out into a number of behaviors, like Bible study and obedience. However, the first priority, our most important goal, is to deeply and wholly love God. In addition to that, fathers are to pass this deep love along to their children (Deuteronomy 6:5-7). That’s the true measure of greatness. Whatever else we do is gravy. I’ve been almost ready to do that for a long time, but I’ve always felt that I needed to grow in a few areas before I could really become a man of God.

I’ve always felt that I didn’t have quite enough to be a godly man. I’ve had a feeling that if God would bless me greatly, that would be the turning point for me. Then I would turn around without hesitation and start doing great things for God. Maybe you’ve thought that too. If I were a better physical specimen, I would be imposing for God. If I were rich and powerful, I could do so much for the kingdom. If I were gifted spiritually, I would serve others gladly. Perhaps on the top of my list, what I really want is for God to actually communicate clearly and verbally, directly to me! If He did, I would do anything for Him. I would obey God so well, so bravely, so passionately. At least I think so. King David had all of these gifts, and he was for the most part a wonderful, shining example of a godly king. On the contrary, every one of these gifts were first given to Saul, son of Kish, but his knees buckled under the weight. He was crushed by the blessing.

It is only fair to give Saul his due. He wasn’t the worst king Israel ever had. I would even argue that to the average man on the street, he would have to be considered in the top five of Israel’s better kings. He didn’t amass numerous wives (think David). He didn’t marry foreign wives (think Solomon and Ahab.) He didn’t build and then worship idols (think of a bunch of others). To his credit he achieved quite a bit. He fought against the Philistines, and he actually built a working kingdom where none had existed before. King Saul was a high achiever. But even with all of these achievements, Saul was a spectacular failure in God’s eyes.

Let’s be the CSI team assigned to the disaster that is the life of Saul. Let’s do the forensic investigation. If we were to zoom in to the soul of King Saul, we would find it underdeveloped, emaciated, and diseased. Now a first-year forensic investigator of the soul might conclude that this resulted from all of the rebellious sins Saul had committed. The older, wiser, and more seasoned investigator would know from experience that though sin can cause this kind of damage, in the case of King Saul, total spiritual negligence warped his soul into this pathetic condition. One day while studying this story, I realized that King Saul is the absolute embodiment of the lukewarm believer. He was neither the vilest nor the most wicked king of Israel. He was uniquely . . . lukewarm. That’s what scares me the most about the story of Saul. I would like to think that I am a little bit like King David. But truth be told, I am more like Saul. I am tempted to be lukewarm.

King Saul was given direction, authority, and divine power to complete his task. But with one initial exception, he saw only what was physically in front of him. When the enemy gathered and he was completely outnumbered, he did not see God’s plan or trust God’s control. He only saw the enemy, and he panicked (1 Samuel 13:6-14). That’s understandable the first time out, even the first few times. God doesn’t mind our panic. I daresay He wants us to be panicked occasionally, because it’s what we do next that makes all the difference. God wanted Saul to see no way out, to know that nothing on earth could save him that day. God wanted Saul to fall at His feet and pray for guidance, to humbly cry out for deliverance. If he had done that, if Saul had run into the arms of God, his battle would have been miraculously won, not by Saul’s strength but by God’s. From that experience Saul could have chosen to change. He could have felt his spirit being nourished as he praised God for His faithfulness. His heart would have been strengthened by deeper knowledge of the nature and character of God. And his soul could have swelled in size with the faith that God would win even more battles in the future. None of this happened in King Saul. This guy makes me crazy! He simply never gave his whole heart to God. That’s exactly what it means to be lukewarm.

How could Saul miss the point so spectacularly? How tragic. How very much like us. We get so scared, so distracted, and so angry. Situations are out of control, and we don’t know what to do next. Actually we do know, but we just don’t like it. It’s really not that complicated. We are to humble ourselves before the God of Jacob. That’s hard to do if we are virtual strangers to Him. But if we love Him, if we delight in Him and trust His desires for us, humbling ourselves is the only reasonable response. We are to pray with humility for guidance, and however it comes, even if it’s not in the direction we want, we humbly stand up like men and obey. When we do, our souls breathe deeply. When we let go of our selfish and silly dreams of prestige and position, we are free to take the risks that are required of a man of God. The more risks we take, the more we will see God make something beautiful out of our mess. Then we’ll be willing to risk even more.

The seasoned CSI investigator of the soul would know that Saul never let go of himself, never took his eyes off of Saul. He was very serious about being king, and that guided his every thought. His kingship was the most important priority in his life. He never realized that being king was only his job. Being devoted to God out of love was his calling. Consequently, he did religious activities only if they would assist him in being kingly. He never worshiped God because He is worthy of worship. Saul did it to impress others. He looked like he was praising God, but he was actually worshipping himself. That’s what a lukewarm soul does. If he had let go, if Saul had taken the risk and devoted all he had to loving God rather than trying to make himself look great, God would have made him actually great. That’s the irony. We need to give up our silly little dreams of looking good so that God can use us for His purposes. In that process, He will make us something more, something totally beyond what we are right now. Christ came to transform us, but we fight him. I did it for years. I wasn’t truly vile or wicked; I was worse. I was like King Saul; I was lukewarm.

One of the most insidious symptoms of being lukewarm is a lack of pain. Leprosy is like that. It damages your nerves so you can’t feel any pain. You’re slowly being destroyed by the disease, but you just don’t feel it. The lukewarm soul is slowly being destroyed as well, and yet there is no discomfort. To even become aware that you are lukewarm, you need a jolt. You need to be shocked out of your complacency. How did I realize I was lukewarm? My wife embarrassed me.

I married up. I didn’t know it at my wedding. I thought we had both married well. I married up, way up. I was very into my job, and I was into woodworking tools, and I was . . . well, come to think about it, that was all. My wife would occasionally tell me about an article she had just read about how to be praying parents, or an article that discussed prophecy, and so on. I would raise my eyebrows and take it from her with feigned interest, and I would never read the article. One day she told me that it seemed like all I read was tool catalogs. She told me, it seemed like I didn’t care at all about spiritual things anymore. I was shocked and I was defensive. Now, I’m a pretty clever fella. I’ve tossed out some terribly witty and biting comebacks in my day. On that day I looked her straight in the eye, reached back into my treasure trove of stinging retorts and said, “Nuh uh.” I was embarrassed and defenseless because it was true. She was right. So I did what I usually do on the occasions when my wife calls me on the carpet. I became impassive. I waited, and I didn’t do anything. A couple of weeks later, when it looked like it was my idea, I took action. (Have I mentioned that I married up?)

I was a dope to think that I needed to be hugely blessed or empowered by God to begin my spiritual journey. The story of King Saul shows us that great gifts given to a lukewarm man will only result in a gifted and lukewarm man. I simply needed to respond to God’s prompting. Occasionally, God’s prompting sounds very much like the voice of our wives.

I joined a men’s group at our church. It centered around a Bible study, but I have to tell you that the Bible study is not what made the difference for me. I already knew all of those stories and concepts. It was as if my faith had good bones but nothing on them—no skin, no muscle, no flesh and blood. What made a difference for me were the men in the group. I bonded with one in particular. Brian loved God like I had not seen in a long time. This was the flesh and blood that I needed. I needed to see a real love for God lived out by a real man. He inspired me; I wanted to be like him. Then I met up with a group of guys in my Sunday school class who were also deeply in love with God. These men were constantly wrestling against incorrect or insufficient notions of Christ. They loved Him so much that they wouldn’t settle for anything but true-truth. I was inspired and I wanted to love God the way they did.

We talked about the beauty of God, the holiness of God, and the passion God has for us. I started to think about Him differently—my soul breathed. We read books by solid, Christian authors, and we’d argue over them, not to win an argument, but to get all of the juice we could out of them. I started to see Christ differently. He had been confusing and ethereal before, but little by little I started to understand that He’s the only One who could make sense of the chaos around me. He is real and present. These godly men taught me that to “do what Jesus did” is too small of a goal. They taught me that I need to start thinking like He thinks, to love what He loves, and hate what He hates. They taught me that I need to believe what Jesus believes! My soul breathed deeply and grew. I used to obey Him so I would be blessed, but this was a different thing entirely. I started to obey Him because I love Him.

I crawled out of the mire of the lukewarm. Men who fiercely love God are infectious, and we need more of them badly. If you don’t have a few in your life, make it a quest to find some. Find them and be with them a lot. Then for cryin’ out loud become one yourself, and look around for some lukewarm knucklehead. Take him under your wing. Let him see how refreshing and invigorating it is be around a man who is devoted to Christ out of love. Then help him to love Christ too.

Some years back I was jolted out of my complacency by a good wife, I was inspired by godly men, and I saw that love for Christ is my calling. I determined to be a godly man and pass my love for Him along to my kids and to a couple of younger men. I’m working at it. If the CSI team was looking into my soul today, they would see one perhaps on the smallish side, but one that clearly shows signs of recent growth. What about you? If you’ve been ignoring God’s prompting—snap out of it! Call out to God for help, and go find men who are on the path themselves. However, let’s not be na?ve; this is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work. It’s routinely frustrating, and it will take a long time. However, it’s more important than pursuing great power. It’s more important than amassing great wealth, and it’s even more important than becoming a king.



Knowledge Written By Ione Kinzel

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord! He is Lord of all lords.

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I was sitting listening to my oldest daughter, suddenly I felt itching unnatural kind of itching in my arms and then the other arm. It is a wicked kind of itching, something demonic. Witchcraft . I was not move by what I feel, I didn’t scratch, immediately I speak tongue. Then I rebuke the witchcraft and send it back to the sender in the Name of Jesus Christ. Then I heard the Holy Spirit to put an oil, I put eucalyptus oil and sing praises to God. The itchy was very aggressive but slowly , it dies . I heard from the Holy Spirit” it goes back to the sender.” Now what if I didn’t know because of lack of knowledge. The natural thing to do is to scratch the skin, get panic, run whatever ointment to put , then run to the doctor. And the doctor doesn’t know what is going on, put you to different medication, and if is not working , he will rule it out it is the nerve and put you nerve tablet. So it is important to get knowledge. Don’t let pride to stop u from getting informations. The informations here in this Blog might save your life in the future.